The Alexander Cassatt Room

Arrival Day Month Year Nights

Queen accommodation, shower in private bath.

Alexander Cassatt along with William Scott used his own personal fortune to revive a dream of having a new rail route between north and south, since the Pennsylvania Rail Road considered it impractical. He also suggested having a ferry connect the line with Norfolk. He was the designer of the rail ferry, this original design is still in use today. Cassatt was elected as the second President of the railroad. His sister was Mary Cassatt, the world famous Impressionist painter, considered to be one of the most important female artists, who captured and documented wonderful moments of mother-child relationships. Several reproductions are displayed in the room. There is a portrait of Alexander and his son, as well as Mary Cassatt's self-portrait.

The furniture is hand painted by Carol's mother, circa 1950's, who was a decorative artist outside of Philadelphia. The cozy bath has been created by extending and enlarging a closet that has a shower and hand decorated textured walls.

Rates Per Night

March - November $$169 April-November (Except for Holiday's and Special Events)
December - February $$159 December-March

$$229 April-November*/night
$$209 April-November*/night
$$199 April-November*/night
$$189 April-November*/night
$$169 April-November*/night

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